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midnightrose3000 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
i do like your comics Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 
midnightrose3000 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2016  Hobbyist Interface Designer
i mostly liked when you drew fluttershy when she was sick it's adorable
The463 Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
Just asking, why dont you upload all your art? Many times I see art on FA but not here, or vice versa, and sometimes, when you do a request for someone, it goes on their gallery--but not yours! Why don't you upload that stuff?
PonyCleverBlue Featured By Owner May 9, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I have to admitt, commenting on all your artwork is fun enough, but I think the entire gallery requires a proper comment as well :)
What all your works have in common? The precision, the funnynes, the awesomeness in very wide meaning.
I surely hope that gallery never stops growing ;)
Keep up your good job my dear friend!
Witkacy1994 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your artwork is great too. More power to you!!!!!
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